Pium is

the future of home fragrance

Pium allows people to experience a variety of mood-enhancing scents through the day with one connected device and a subscription-based scent platform. Each device controls three scent capsules, which are available in our marketplace. A simple voice command or tap on a smartphone releases the right scent at the right time.


Designed for you


Designed for everyday mood

75% of daily emotions are affected by smell. Smell is the most important sense next to sight. Pium device automatically detects which scent capsules are inserted and plans your scent schedule.


"It’s going to be great."

— TechCrunch


tap or speak

Enjoy a variety of scents using our mobile app or voice commands such as “Alexa, tell Pium Good night” or “Hey Google, talk to Pium I’m tired"


Pium Marketplace

After purchasing the Pium device, three new scent capsules are delivered every month. Discover new scents or select recommended scent capsules for you.

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