Pium is

Your personal Aromatherapist

Pium, the smart home fragrance, provides personalized natural scents based on users’ behavior and location. Pium understands users' preference and context, and automatically delivers most aligned scents; refreshing scents like rosemary in the morning, and relaxing scents like lavender at night.


Just look and feel


Easy, Clean and Beautiful

The smart scent capsule transfers the scent information wirelessly as soon as plugged in. The capsule's sealing cap keeps natural scents from oxidation, so the last drop will be as fresh as the first one.


Ready-to-use capsules


Busy to go buy another home fragrance? Don't know what you want next? Tired of complicated instruction? Here's Pium. Simply put your favorite capsule, and that's it! It will infuse your space with various scents as automatically scheduled.


Scentfully Connected

Fill your space with connected scents. Pium regularly communicates with your smart devices to make scents properly aligned with you. Pium will boost your mind in a gloomy day or calm you down by detecting busy heart rates from your smart watch.


Real-time Scent Management

Pium mobile app provides a better way to manage devices and controls scents. You can find information of the current scent, and also change scents and their intensity at your finger tip.