Pium smart diffuser provides personalized scents intelligently blended based on users’ behavior and location. Pium smart diffuser pairs with a smartphone to enable connected scent services such as location-based scent control, activity-oriented scent recommendation, and environment-optimized diffusing control.


Scentfully Smart

The diffuser just got smarter. Pium smart diffuser personalizes scents as what you do and where you are. With Pium smart diffuser, refreshing rosemary citrus scent lifts your spirit in the morning, and a relaxing lavender rose scent helps you get better sleep at night.


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Scentfully Connected

Fill your space with connected scents. Pium regularly communicates with your IoT and mobile devices to make scents properly aligned with your mind and environment. Pium recommends a revitalizing scent to boost your mind in a gloomy day, and a relaxing scent calms you down when your smart watch detects a high heart rate.


Scentfully Unique

 Blend scents as you are. The custom scent capsule package allows users to customize full spectrum of scents from top note to middle note to base note on preference. You can always fine tune scent features using your smartphone, and easily switch scent capsules whenever you want.